Sunday, February 22, 2009

BlueWater LED

I want to announce that BlueWater LED will be my boat accessories sponsor for the 2009 season

I am proud to represent BlueWater LED and the outstanding products they have to offer. The products that they produce will be a positive addition to any night angler.
These LED lighting strips are great for Boats, Motorcycles, Semi-trucks, RV's and more.
They come in five colors; Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Pure White and are pre-wired for any 12volt system. Brighter than any light 10x's their size, they will run on less power.
Use in storage compartments for early morning fishing or accent your deck for lowlight conditions without glare or bugs.
Did your boat come with stock lighting? You can do better than that! For an affordable price, upgrade your lighting to the best, Blue Water LED's! This Basic Bass Boat package is perfect for any size boat.

Lifetime Warranty

Their lights are waterproof and come with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. If an LED ever fails, simply remove the strip and send it to them and they will replace it.

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