Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Stuff!
We See It, Fish Don't The idea of a line that changes color isn't something brand new – Berkley pioneered the technology several years ago with its Vanish Transition fluorocarbon. But folks who wanted a color-changing line with the properties of a nylon monofilament – namely shock-resistance, knot strength, buoyancy and limpness – were left without options.
That all changed this week, because Berkley Trilene TransOptic – the world's first color-changing mono – shipped to retailers nationwide. Development and testing of the line took more than 4 years to complete. Basically, the line's a normal clear, transparent color when submerged in water. But when it's above water and exposed to the sun, it changes to a hi-vis gold.
That's a boon for anglers who count on line-watching to detect bites, or who troll stacked lines and need to watch what's happening above the water.
The tagline for the product says it all: "Anglers see the line. Fish don't."
Berkley product manager Clay Norris noted: "This line's for anglers tired of squinting to see their line. TransOptic's the 'line-watcher's line.' Anglers can see the line twitch and set the hook before the fish can spit the bait."
According to Berkley, standout properties of the line include superior knot strength and strong abrasion resistance. It's a great choice for flipping, pitching, jigging, split-shotting, dropshotting and all other finesse presentations.
Test strengths range from 4- to 25-pound on 220-yard spools. Price is $8.95 to $10.95, depending on test strength. TransOptic's also available on 2,000-yard service spools.

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