Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Great Early Season Lure

In early spring, when bass move from the winter areas to staging areas and eventually to shallow spawning flats, few lures produce better than the crawfish imitating lure. The effectiveness of these lures is due to the bass's appetite for freshwater crustaceans. Although bass will eat a crawfish through out the year this predator/prey relationship is strongest in the early spring. Bass's early spring season preference toward crawfish is due to the important nutrients the crawfish provides prespawn bass. And during this cold water period, the crawfish matches the low metebolic activity of the bass making it an ideal forage item. Early on crawfish are found in reletively deeper water just off shallow flats. The bass moving up from their cold water homes are staging in the same areas as the crawfish. As water on the flats warm up, the crawfish and bass become active and move into shallower water. This is one of the main reasons crawfish imitating lures work so well during pre-spawn.

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