Friday, January 9, 2009

The Rebel Crawfish

This is one lure I will always have in my tackle box, back in 1980 lure designer Jim Gowing introduced the Rebel Crawfish. In the 80's this was a very popular lure and it still remains Pradco's top 10 selling lures. The success of this lure is due to the action it has and the very detailed appearance. Bass usually will not try to eat a crawfish with it's claws extended out, it's when they tuck their tails under and the pinchers are pulled in when it moved or propelled itself. The Rebel Crawfish is still today one of the few crankbaits that accurately looks like a Crawfish fleeing from danger. Another thing about this lure is it's ability to draw bites from a number of different game fish.

Rebel Crawfish

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  1. I've caught some fish on these, back in the days that I actually used bottom bumping crankbaits. I think I still have one in a box somewhere. The thing is that now that I live where I live, the lakes seem to be dominated by grass not gravel and rock where this crank excels.