Saturday, January 3, 2009

I would like to tell you about 2 great Bass fishing forums: The first is BassHoles, this is a great forum with some great members. They have very informative message boards, Fishing Articles, YouTube Gallery, and they have a monthly new member contest where you can when some nice lures from the sponsors. The best part is if you have any questions about Bass Fishing, they are more than eager to help you out! Whether you're Young or Old you need to check this forum out.

Click Here to Checkout BassHoles

The second forum is:, Here is another great forum. They have tackle reviews, Fishing Articles, The latest Bass Fishing News, and a lot of Bass Fishing resources. The members are very helpful if you have any questions and they make you feel welcomed.

Click Here to Checkout Ultimate Bass Forum

I came across a Nice informative Blog this morning, go check it out it has some great articles and links to Pro Anglers

Click Here to Checkout Bass Pundit

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